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Screen Share

Use of Screen Share must be coordinated with a QAD Representative. This feature is not monitored for new inquiries. To log an incident with QAD Support, go to the Incident Management area. If you have been directed to this site, you should already be speaking with a QAD Representative at this time.

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GoToAssist™ is a remote screen-sharing application that allows QAD the ability to identify and solve problems in real time. While QAD can take control of a user's screen, mouse and keyboard, access is fully controlled by the customer at all times. Throughout the entire session, the customer is able to watch and actively participate with QAD in the screen-sharing process.

All that is required from the customer's side is access to the Internet and a web browser. No software needs to be pre-installed in order to receive assistance. A thin applet, active only for one session, is automatically delivered by GoToAssist™ each time. As each connection is unique, once a session is completed, the applet is permanently disabled. The GoToAssist™ technology always facilitates a firewall-friendly connection, which means it does not compromise the integrity of your data or system.

This service is provided as a benefit to QAD Customers who receive Support directly from QAD.